Blue MBA class of 2019 graduates: “You can now comprehend and realise opportunities where others see threats”

CBS Blue MBA Graduation 2019
The CBS Executive MBA class of 2019, fronted by faculty and staff, just before the hat-throwing moment.

The sound of ceremonial bagpipes – signifying strength, bravery and honour – accompanied the CBS Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics (the Blue MBA) class of 2019 as they walked onto the stage in solemn procession to receive their hard-earned degrees.

As the ceremony unfolded, several distinguished speakers took to the podium to address the graduates.

“The maritime sector is a turbulent one, emphasizing the need for good management,” said Bent Petersen, Associate Dean for the programme. “The ability to navigate your company through troubled waters is indeed in high demand; the market value of your MBA degree is high today and will be even higher tomorrow. And, fortunately, “opportunities” are a dear companion of “threats!”

The Blue MBA culminates with participants working on an Integrated Strategy Project, bringing their newfound MBA skills to life and adding immediate value to their affiliated company. This is a tangible way for graduates to transform their increased insight and contribute towards setting the strategic direction for their company or division. One project in particular stood out for its ability to shine a light on a maritime field that, if enhanced, could potentially save lives. This award went to Peggy Høegh-Grays, Ship Operator, Stolt-Nielsen, USA for attempting to bridge the education gap between offshore and onshore professionals in the maritime industry.

“If I can save one life by providing shore side training I have fulfilled my purpose,” said Peggy Høegh-Grays. “Shore side training is very reactive; I would like to approach it more proactively. I believe if seafarers and shore side understand each other better the maritime industry will become more efficient and improve safety.”

As the ceremony drew to a close, two of the graduates summed up the year through a memorable speech, expressing their gratitude to their classmates as well as their supporting families for helping them reach this important milestone.

Irene Rosberg, Programme Director for the Blue MBA, wrapped up the ceremony by delivering the closing remarks.

“We have come a long way since the programme’s inception and the Blue MBA is now considered the best in the world,” she said. “This recognition does not only belong to us at Blue MBA, it belongs to all of those who helped us throughout the past 18 years to serve this programme and the industry. But most of all, it belongs to you, the Blue MBA participants and graduates.”

We look forward to following the class of 2019 and staying in touch through the Blue MBA Alumni Network!