The Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics (The Blue MBA)

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About the Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics

Copenhagen Business School is recognised as having the only part-time Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics in the world.

The CBS Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics aims at giving high potential executives in the shipping industry up-to-date insight into shipping economics and modern management theories and their application in the maritime sector.

Teaching takes place in state-of-the-art facilities in Denmark, Germany and the UK. 

The programme adopts a holistic view of shipping, integrating commercial, technological and financial aspects as well as maritime law, supply-chain management and leadership challenges.

To read more, please visit the programme’s website here or contact Programme Director Irene Rosberg at

The Blue MBA Alumni Association is run independently of the programme and registered as its own entity.

Find out how the CBS Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics has enhanced the careers of current and former Blue MBA students.

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Meet current Blue MBA participants and how the programme will give them the toolkit to grow & meet the challenges, innovate, establish a resourceful & vast network, and much more.

Meet the Programme Manager

Irene Rosberg

We celebrate our Founding Programme Director, Irene Rosberg, because through her unassailable work ethic and dedication the programme has maintained a vital relevance to the sectors served. So far the programme has graduated over 300 candidates – from 50 plus countries – who all hold senior management positions globally and here in our Danish capitol which is one of the leading hubs of shipping innovation.

Irene recruits classes as diverse as possible both geographically and industry specific, and she has helped bridge the gender gap by encouraging female executives. She emphasises the essential "human element" to the digitalisation of the industry and ensures that participants learn from each other, their tutors, and are integrated into a lasting and close network of professionals so that lifelong learning is made possible. It is for these reasons and so many more that the Blue MBA is recognised to be the #1 Shipping and Logistics MBA in the world.