The Blue MBA appoints Juan Carlos Pérez-Ferretti, CEO of Ultratank Shipping South America, and graduate of the Blue MBA to be Blue MBA Ambassador representing Latin America.

Juan Carlos Pérez-Ferretti

With extensive leadership experience in the shipping industry, Pérez-Ferretti has a proven track record in promising leadership strategy. His successes include digitalising and decarbonising the industry through a joint venture to develop AI tools for fleet optimisation. He is the CEO of Ultratank Shipping S.A. and a 2021 graduate of the Blue MBA. He has been appointed as a Blue MBA Ambassador for his solid expertise in the field and notoriety in the Latin American market.

Blue MBA Ambassadors serve as liaison contacts for alumni and participants of the programme. Ambassadors are appointed in different regions and business segments to raise awareness of the programme’s mission to develop strategic capabilities of management in the maritime and associated industries.

The shipping and logistics industry faces growing pressure for innovation. The urgency arises from the need to address sustainability, adapt to evolving customer expectations, incorporate technological advancements, and stay competitive in a changing global market.

“The ambassadors actively engage with prospective participants, increase the exposure of the programme, and aid in pivoting the programme to stay cutting-edge,” says Irene Rosberg, Programme Director of the Blue MBA and Chief Executive of the Blue MBA Alumni Association.

“Juan Carlos Pérez-Ferretti comes as a natural choice to enhance the reputation of the programme in Latin America.”

Having completed the executive programme in 2021, Perez-Ferretti recognises the importance of lifelong learning, especially in the shipping and logistics industry: “The Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics, known for its world-class reputation, is designed to foster lifelong learning and equip participants with advanced skills essential for thriving as industry leaders throughout their careers. This programme offers a comprehensive perspective on the shipping sector, encompassing supply chain, logistics, finance, investment, maritime law, sustainability, management, and leadership. I am excited to connect with prospective candidates and contribute to raising the profile of the Blue MBA in Latin America.”

The Blue MBA programme thanks the time and contributions of previous Blue MBA Ambassador representing Latin America – Reynir Gislasson.