The Blue MBA Alumni Academy makes its debut in the maritime world

Graduates of the Class of 2023 listening to H.E. Ambassador Dr. Nata Menabde’s address

A new resource, the Blue MBA Alumni Academy, is being launched to promote and centralise a series of courses to provide an attractive learning service for the international maritime community. The initiative is the latest development to be based on the strengths of the Executive MBA in Shipping & Logistics (the Blue MBA), one of the world-leading courses in the portfolio of Copenhagen Business School.

Its ethos will chime with the growing emphasis throughout the business world on life-long learning, a process that is at the crux of enabling standard-bearers of management in maritime and other global industries to keep up practically and theoretically with the swift-changing currents of international trade and technology.

The impulse for the establishment of the Blue MBA Alumni Academy came from members of the Blue MBA Alumni Association, an independent entity, and the Blue MBA Ambassadors, who represent links with the MBA course in various geographical regions and industry disciplines.

The new Academy will encompass several non-degree courses which the Blue MBA runs in partnership with the Blue MBA Alumni Association. Such courses have hitherto been listed on the Blue MBA Alumni Association website.

The Academy creates the opportunity to manage those different non-degree courses – short development courses, customised industry courses, and certificate/diploma courses under the auspices of the Blue MBA Alumni Association – on a more structured basis.

Irene Rosberg, programme director of the Blue MBA

Irene Rosberg, programme director of the Blue MBA, said the Academy would deliver practical learning for the maritime community, whose members are keen to see a more focused range of levels of education for the industry.

“It will help encourage our graduates and provide a platform for a much better engagement of the Blue MBA alumni. It will enable them to give back to the industry what they have gained through their studies and experience by bringing them in as lecturers for the Academy courses.”

Ms Rosberg said that among the benefits would be the initiation of a pipeline of potential future candidates for the Blue MBA, and further visibility in the sector for what the CBS has to offer.

She highlighted that the development was in the tradition of the Blue MBA’s considerable emphasis on forging strong links with maritime and associated businesses and services.

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