Maritime Cybersecurity & Big Data


This 2 day session will provide both maritime business managers and leaders with a comprehensive introduction to two of the key areas shaping the future of shipping: Cyber Security and Big Data. 

Big Data has the potential to dramatically transform the way shipping companies manage both operational and commercial activities, whereas cyber security poses an increasing business risk which must be brought under control.

Cyber Security

The course makes it clear how cyber security has to be embedded not only in the IT department, but throughout the business processes and daily behavior of all employees, and how business managers at all levels need to change their behaviour to include cyber security. The first day is spend understanding how cyber attackers operate, as this under-standing is key to any defensive strategy, and includes a practical demonstration of how hacker-attacks are performed.

It will furthermore include a detailed look at the IMO cyber security guidelines which were adopted in 2016 and how these should be applied in maritime companies. The cyber security session will be completed in the morning of the second day with a clear look at what practical actions maritime companies should contemplate to improve cyber security. The sessions will be designed in such a way that IT technical knowledge is not required. 


As a result of attending this program participants will:

  • Gain an insight into which cyber risks are relevant for the maritime industry
  • Learn how to increase maritime cyber security using non-technical means
  • Learn how to apply the new IMO guidelines
  • Getting the knowledge to recognize when you might be subjected to a cyber-attack (this is not always visible)
  • Get the basic knowledge to identify which contingencies should be planned for
  • Learn which questions to ask when balancing cyber security against ease-of-doing business
  • Learn to assess the pros and cons of Big Data projects in the maritime domain
  • Be able to identify in which circumstances Big Data is relevant, and when “standard” analysis is sufficient
  • Be able to assess what it takes to become ready for a Big Data project
  • Have a framework for planning Big Data projects

Maritime Cybersecurity & Big Data - Course Details


  • Dates:
    09/10 2017 & 10/10 2017
  • Location:
    CBS BLUE MBA, Porcelaenshaven 22, Room 4.17, Frederiksberg 2000, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Open slots: 40
  • Price: 0.00 DKK

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