Current class studies ship design and the maritime legal framework in Hamburg

The current CBS Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics class spent their fourth module learning about ship design and the maritime legal framework in the major European port city Hamburg. Over five days, these 48 senior executives received unparalleled insight into how the industry is evolving and how it is striving to be cleaner, greener and more productive.

Leading naval architect Kai Levander led the part of the module focusing on ship design, and Filippo Lorenzon, professor of maritime and commercial law at Southampton Law School, was in charge of the legal lectures. In addition, the class of 2017 also got the opportunity to listen to presentations from experts on ship design.

“We have received magnificent support for the objective of the Blue MBA which is to offer the rising generation of industry leaders a thorough grounding in maritime business strategy, finance and practical application of knowledge,” said Blue MBA programme director Irene Rosberg.

Read the full article, published on All About Shipping on 27 April 2016, here.

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