The demands upon, and expectations of, future ‘blue’ board members are continuously rising, and active board membership is constantly faced with dealing with increasing complexity, unpredictability and volatility, alongside areas such as risk management and the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) agenda. The global maritime industry is undergoing dramatic changes in the areas of digitalisation, cyber risks and security; de-carbonisation is transforming the industry and international regulations are imposing new rules of the game. All of these are topics which ‘blue’ boards need to be able to navigate skilfully.

The purpose of The Blue Board Leadership Programme is to improve the competencies of future and present ‘blue’ board members’ in handling challenges such as those mentioned above with exceptional strength and board management skills.

Studies show that companies with a holistic focus on the interaction between owners, board, and management can grow faster, increase yields and realise the market opportunities. Among a range of key topics, it is essential for ‘blue’ board members to gain knowledge about the corporate governance system, value creation, company law, and board dynamics. The Blue Board Leadership Programme will endeavour to;

  • Set the bar high, offering a robust impact board leadership training programme based on the well-established and reputed CBS Board Leadership Education programmes.
  • Be anchored in, be relevant to and add value to the global maritime segment and its needs.
  • Be global by nature.
  • Incorporate sound principles and best practices for effective board membership, stewardship, and governance through case studies.
  • Showcase examples of high performance boards operating in key global governance regimes.
  • Show how boards can navigate accelerated change, the growing ESG agenda and increased complexity within the global ambit of the maritime sector.
  • Discuss examples of business success and learn from failures, mitigate risk, and demonstrate how to maximise business opportunities, growth, and shareholder value through strategic board involvement.

This board education programme is developed by CBS Board Leadership Education in partnership with the Blue MBA Alumni Association and experienced professors (from CBS and other international universities and business schools), board members, and partners from EY (annual reports and finance issues) and Kromann Reumert (legal issues).