Strategic management has been around for the better part of a century and the field is packed with exciting insights and models. Yet strategies fail spectacularly every day partly because the underlying methodology and skillset – strategic problem solving – is not available to the public. McKinsey, BCG and Bain are renowned around the world for their sharp analyses and solid solutions across industries including shipping, where the focus is here. Their approach – pioneered by McKinsey and then adopted by the other top tier strategy consultancies – involves 7 deceptively simple steps:

1) Defining the problem for maximum impact

2) Break the problem down to issues for early hypothesis

3) Prioritize the issues for optimal speed

4) Build a detailed work plan for efficient collaboration

5) Conduct the critical analyses by leveraging team expertise

6) Interpret the findings to find the essence

7) Tell the story to compel top management to action

This 2-day course will use a combination of short transport cases, insightful personal exercises and real life stories from the facilitator’s shipping career to bring the 7 steps to life. Parts of Barbara Minto: The Minto Pyramid Principle and Ethan M. Rasiel & Paul N. Friga: The McKinsey Mind are recommended reading.